In need of transport to and from Indonesia? ColliCare offers day-to-day transport solutions by sea and air, from and to the rest of Europe.  


Transport from Indonesia

We offer frequent exports from Indonesia to Scandinavia in cooperation with a strong agent network in Indonesia that closely follows up the shipments, allowing us to offer good freight solutions. We also offer freight solutions between Indonesia and the rest of the world.

We focus on complete solutions, from manufacturer to end-user

For Indonesia, ColliCare Logistics offers

  • full Container Load (FCL)

  • less-than Container Load (LCL)

  • temporary storage of goods

  • repackaging of goods

  • pick-up/delivery on time

  • pick-up/Delivery by lift truck

  • weekly scheduled departures

  • handling of customs-related documents

  • general cargo and bulk goods

  • special goods

  • ADR, dangerous goods


Solutions adapted to your needs in Indonesia

Sea Freight

Perhaps the most environmentally friendly mode of transport?

We can help you organise sea freight regardless of destination: container transport, FCL, LCL, green transport.

Sea port- Jakarta seaport

Air Freight

Since air freight is the fastest route to get your shipment to its destination hence in case of urgent shipments or emergencies,  we arrange air freight for the shipment. 

Airport- Surabaya airport, Jakarta

Direct shipment to EU

Mostly, when goods are sent using a carrier that takes a direct route to the port of discharge in Europe, the port of departure is from Indonesia itself (port information mentioned in the section above). We offer direct routes to Gothenburg, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway, often the quickest way shipping goods to Europe. 

Indirect Shipment/ Transhipment

If your goods are boarded in a feeder ship in Indonesia; in such a case, the goods are transported into main vessel and routing happens via Singapore Jurong Port. 

Customs in Indonesia

Complex customs and tax regulations together with time-consuming processes often make import and export demanding. We are specialised in customs management, with good customs procedures and will help you with

  • general customs clearance

  • imported goods

  • exported goods

  • custom clearance documentation

  • cash and daily settlements

Transit times, Indonesia

Depending on whether the shipment is direct or indirect, the transit times vary. 

Direct Shipment
  • Sea freight- 14-15 days, for India

  • Air freight- 1 day for direct flight and 3-4 days for indirect flight

Indirect Shipment/Transhipment
  • 37 days, depending on the route taken and the location

Public Holidays in Indonesia

  • 1st January: New Years
  • 12th February: Lunar New Year
  • 11th March: Prophet's Ascension
  • 14th March: Nyepi
  • 2nd April: Good Friday
  • 1st May: Labor Day
  • 13th May: Ascension Day
  • 13th May and 14th May- Lebaran
  • 26th May: Vesak
  • 1st June: Pancasila
  • 20th July: Eid Al-Adha
  • 11th August: Islamic New Year
  • 17th August- Independence Day
  • 20th October: Prophet's Birthday
  • 25th December: Christmas

Rates for transport from and to Indonesia

How much does freight transport to/from Indonesia cost? Request a quote at ColliCare Logistics without obligation.

Knut Sollund

Knut Sollund

CEO – Chief Executive Officer