Som et globalt selskap inkluderer vårt samfunnsengasjement ulike aspekter og aktiviteter. Vi støtter prosjekter som ligger våre ansatte nært, og det kan derfor omfatte alt fra støtte til lokaleidrett og lag, til større verdensomspennende prosjekter som Soles4Souls-prosjektet.


Supporting Child cancer - Christmas 2020


Ugly Christmas sweater competition 2020

The winning team was Storage Moss, and they chose to give their donation of NOK 5,000 to the children's cancer association - a worthy cause which hopefully can contribute to even more research and lower fatality rates.

Årets Julgåva - Barncancerfonden fra ColliCare Sweden


Childhood Cancer Fund

As Covid forces us to do social distancing, our Swedish office decided that this year’s Christmas gifts will go to help Childhood Cancer Fund, and support their work for research and provide opportunities for more children to get well and experience Christmas.

The Swedish office says: “It is far too early to leave the earth as a child and it is still to many dying of this disease.  If we in Sweden can contribute to their research and slow down cancer, it feels like the right Christmas gift this year.”

Save the Children’s Christmas campaign


ColliCare supports the Save the Children’s Christmas campaign

This year we decided to support Save the Children’s Christmas campaign with NOK 10 000. This campaign is focusing on giving children a place to stay with warm clothes and shoes. A blanket and maybe a little bit of safety.

With the pandemic still craving all the attention and causes a lot of us to work from home, we decided that we would do Christmas presents a little bit different. Usually we would send chocolate or other small tokens of gratitude for sharing in the offices to our customers. This year this gratitude will be passed over to those who need it the most.

Save the Children’s Christmas campaign

ColliCare supports the work for a cleaner ocean

The environment is important to us, therefore we support WWF in their work towards cleaner ocean and rivers worldwide. WWF is a leading organisation in wildlife conservation and endangered species and we are proud to donate NOK 15.000 to their fundraising campaign.

Pink Ribbon day


ColliCare support the Pink Ribbon campaign

We will donate NOK 10.000 to this year Pink Ribbon campaign for breast cancer research and awareness, hosted by the Norwegian Cancer Society and the Norwegian Breast Cancer Society.

Used furniture from Kristiansand to Romania


From Kristiansand to Romania

In cooperation with Hotel Norge in Kristiansand and Marshall McKenna we transported used furniture to Romania. McKenna is a South African missionary who is heavily involved in helping street kids in Romania. He is the manager of Afresh, a store for used furniture distributed to micro-enterprises. This way people in need can repair and resell, and create their own living. All these furniture goes directly to Afresh.  We are happy to support a project like this.

DonatingShoes - soles4souls



You can deliver your used shoes to selected Euro Sko, dna and Shoeday stores and ColliCare will pick them up and send them to North Africa. This is a Euro Sko led project and ColliCare will ensure the logistics. Together we can save the environment by reusing your shoes and help people in need. Every day people are exposed for life threatening diseases, children are not able to go to school, and adults are not able to work. All this due to the lack of shoes.

Soles4Souls are a non-profit organisation which distribute shoes to micro-enterprises, disaster areas and other charities.