SG-3500 en kraftig, brukervennlig clip-on - clip-off generator - som holder kjøletemperaturen stabil.

Engine type2.1L Eco-Governed (cast iron)
Operational duration25,000 hours (with normal maintenance)
Tested to work-40°F and 122°F and up to 10,000 ft altitude -40°C and 50°C and up to 3,000m altitude
Advanced diagnosticsincluding self-check capabilities
Stable voltage controlintelligent voltage regulation ensures voltage is always kept within limits set by ISO 1496
Power supply400Vac/460Vac, 3phase, 50Hz/60Hz, with optional 230Vac, 3phase 50Hz/60Hz


En kraftig og brukervennlig kontroller

  • SIMPLE INTERFACE which includes a basic On-Off switch that allows any user to instantly start up the generator set
  • PRE-HEAT FUNCTION is an automatic feature designed to overcome cold starts in sub-optimal conditions
  • INTUITIVE OPERATING SCREEN with an intelligent menu that displays all key operating parameters
  • ALARMS easily accessed via the keypad to gain immediate insight into generator set status
  • PRE-TRIP FUNCTIONALITY users can test the unit prior to any journey for a detailed readiness assessment
  • ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS including self-check capabilities to identify any potential problems to maintain load integrity
  • MULTI-LANGUAGE CAPABILITIES English and Spanish are provided as standard, with other languages accessed through an updated software package
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES with the SG-3500 you can also access hour meters and data logging of all events.