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Update corona/COVID-19

The government has enforced a regional lockdown in the greater Oslo area due to findings of the British coronavirus, valid until the 31st of January. We

We have introduced mandatory face masks and glows to our personnel at terminals and warehouses, and our routines for cleaning and disinfection are also updated. Our drivers in the affected areas are using face masks, gloves, disinfectant and will strive to keep minimum 1 meter distance to others.

Our office staff in the affected areas are working from home and we sustain normal operation.


Areas in lockdown:

  • Enebakk

  • Frogn

  • Indre Østfold

  • Moss

  • Nesodden

  • Nordre Follo

  • Oslo

  • Vestby

  • Våler i Viken

  • Ås

  • Asker

  • Aurskog-Høland

  • Bærum

  • Drammen

  • Horten

  • Lier

  • Lillestrøm

  • Lunner

  • Lørenskog

  • Marker

  • Nittedal

  • Rakkestad

  • Rælingen

  • Råde

  • Skiptvet


If you have information regarding your delivery places like changed opening hours/closed reception areas etc,  that can influence our deliveries to you – please let us know!

Get in touch with our Customer Service:

Tlf :+47 23 62 80 10

E-mail; [email protected]