Tilbake Sea freight

Brexit and Covid issue in UK / Europe

An update regarding the current situation in the UK and Europe.  

  • ports are still congested, but we are only experiencing minor delays. Port operations are still affected, resulting in less number of containers being loaded on every vessel, but this is improving, and the backlogs are slowly decreasing. 
  • a sudden increase in imports from the Far East, especially China
  • shortage of drivers further adds to the congestion, as import containers are not removed from the ports, this is improving every week.
  • an imbalance between import and export, imports being far more than exports, leaving Asia with fewer containers and capacity to ship goods back to Europe. Read more about the situation in Asia here.
  • vessels are omitting the ports as they are not getting “Berthing Windows” with the port authority. Still a problem, but improving every week.
  • ports frequently decline empty containers due to shortage of space. Drivers are being asked to deliver the empty containers at different ports/locations, incurring additional costs for the customer. 


Above issues have further resulted in

  • haulage / transport shortage
  • fully booked vessels 
  • a shortage of equipment for exports
  • imports deliveries being severely effected – no availability of delivery slots for approx. 2 weeks – also leading to additional cost for demurrage, detention and quay rent for customers
  • shipping lines are implementing General Rate Increase (GRI) with immediate effect



We are monitoring the situation, and we are in close contact with the shipping lines.

We will update you regularly, but we are happy to inform you that this situation is improving, and slowly getting back to normal.


Thank you for understanding and your continued support.