Warehouse automation with Autostore uses the power of warehouse robots for a 24/7 order fulfilment, within a cubic layout. 

Automated storage

  • 24/7 service and order fulfilment within a cubic layout 

  • offers speed, flexibility, precision and reliability

  • increasing the overall storage capacity

  • environmentally friendly battery-driven robots

  • reduces manual work

  • reduces mispicking

Customised storage operation

Design your automated storage service to your operational needs, using Autostore software that meets your demands and resolves your challenges.

Micro-fulfillment center (MFC)

A micro fulfilment center is a cubic and modular warehouse solution. With robot and software technology, Autostore has redefined how to store, pick, and deliver goods. 

A micro-fulfilment solution gives us the opportunity to tailor Autostore solutions for retailers, e-commerce, both for B2B and B2C.

Autostore logistics

These Autostore storage solutions are modular, scalable, and designed for efficient order fulfilment. The technology improves the performance of the automated warehouse, and robots pick with precision.

By combining storage knowledge and Autostore expertise, we ensure you can meet and even exceed, the expectations of your customers.

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Ole Bakurowitz

Ole Bakurowitz

Product Manager (Storage)
Vestby, Norway.