When you’re in a hurry! We deliver your goods as express transport by courier/cargo taxi.  Sending packages express by courier/cargo taxi is flexible, fast end efficient, and direct delivery minimises the risk of error.

Need to send a package express?

Small packages, pallets, or bulk goods, we collect and deliver by courier, cargo taxi, or van.

We pick up your goods at the agreed location and drive directly to your delivery address. With a courier, the goods will not be unloaded at a terminal or stop at other places along the route. Bringing the goods directly from sender to recipient, with online tracking the whole way.


For fixed courier and express deliveries we offer

  • tailored solutions and zone time sections

  • delivery time guarantees such as ordinary, express, and VIP


Cargo taxi and express freight in practice:

  • express freight ​at ​short ​notice

  • express delivery ​all​ ​over ​Norway

  • express international deliveries

  • urgent assignments carried out​ during daytime ​or nighttime

  • express transport on fixed schedule, individual agreements

  • flexible solutions and express service

  • direct distribution, for larger batches and fixed deliveries

  • electronic ontime tracking from pick-up to delivery
    All of our cargo taxis are equipped with electronic PDAs with scanners for efficient order processing. Shipments can be tracked, and when delivery is completed, the delivery confirmation will be available online

Place your order via EDI or on the web, and an EDI solution can easily be integrated with your order processing system.

For web booking, we are happy to help you with login information, please call us on +47 23 62 80 80.

Ship your express goods wherever you want, from company to company or a private individual at home. We promise personal service and express delivery

All our courier vans, delivery vans, and lorries display the ColliCare profiling, and the drivers wear uniforms and have extensive training.


Our express transport services are available as

  • courier Oslo

  • courier Bergen

  • courier Trondheim

  • courier Stavanger

Iver Sæther

Iver Sæther

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