It can be challenging to execute logistics for the offshore industry for reasons of time, weight, dimensions, and location. We can offer scheduled traffic, as well as express and hand carrier solutions.

Offshore logistics

We specialise in logistics for the offshore industry and would be happy to assist you with your projects. Please contact us to chat about your offshore requirements!

The oil and gas industries are subject to strict requirements in relation to planning and always adopt a “safety first” approach. All involved parties are expected to have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the requirements relating to monitoring, transit times, ADRDangerous Goods by Road (ADR)
Goods that can do harm to people or the environment

Goods that may cause harm to people, environmentally classified goods, exemptions, and more. 

Offshore logistics services

  • project management

  • risk and safety management

  • ADR, dangerous goods, transport

  • loading and unloading operations

  • special transport for oversized cargo

  • chartering

  • chartering by road, sea, air, and rail

  • express shipments, hand carrier


Logistics for the offshore industry

Logistics can involve anything from simple supplies to major projects or special cargo. 


A full-service offshore logistics supplier - available 24/7

Offshore logistics project team

We have a dedicated project team with expertise within logistics services for the offshore industry. You will be assigned a dedicated contact person/project manager who will accompany you throughout the entire project.

Georg Skivik Moltu

Georg Skivik Moltu

Managing Director Projects & Special
Kjetil Nerland

Kjetil Nerland

Commercial & Operational Manager Projects & Special