Furniture logistics and distribution provides you with full control from when you order the product at the factory, to it is delivered at the shop. A transparent and optimised supply chain. 

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Distribution of merchandise like furniture, windows, doors etc. are demanding processes with numerous stages, checkpoints and often across borders.

Consolidating and cross docking solutions offers less handling, improves predictability for delivery, fewer damages and delays.

We offer a transparent logistics process. The first scan/registration happens when you place the order with your factory, we implement a professional scan and reporting system, serving you with efficient overview and control of your furniture logistics.


How to take control of the whole process

  • identify all stakeholders

  • create all scanning points

  • integration with all suppliers – an EDIElectronic Data Interchange
    Electronic Data Interchange between computer systems

  • all stakeholders receive their reports on their delivery with a clear overview of their area of responsibility

  • possibility of setting up reporting for daily fines to suppliers for missing or delayed deliveries

  • effective cross docking setups close to the production areas

  • fixed transport lines

  • smart transport solutions on the road or sea

  • one supplier from the collection at the factory to delivery to the store


Visibility and control
    • transparent logistics setup in the supply chain provides good visibility, overview and control possibilities throughout the process

      • all stakeholders are identified; factories, suppliers, transporters

      • fixed scanning points throughout the process

      • reporting and control down to one single item, supplier

Electronic tracking
    • transparency of electronic traceability throughout the supply chain

      • predictability in delivery of goods for stores as well as end customers

      • electronic communication to store about expected delivery of goods

      • the store can further communicate electronically to its end customer

        • good customer service in several stages

Streamlining logistics
    • faster delivery

    • fewer cars driving to stores

    • predictability about to deliveries to stores

    • good labelling, as well as electronic tracking from the first checkpoint/sender

    • clear overview allows discovering to discover faults or deficiencies in the supply chain and thus a good opportunity to optimise it

Effective routines
  • cross docking and consolidation program and fixed routines in intense production areas such as

    • China

    • Lithuania

    • Italy

    • India​

Streamlining administrative routines
    • simplifies operation and control at all stages in the supply chain

      • EDI - electronic control and updating of order data and invoicing

      • overview and control of changes and delays

      • enabling better, more reliable dialogue with end customers in relation to delivery

Lower costs
    • more volume at a carrier

    • consolidation and groupage shipment, cross docking

    • transparent supplier follow-up

    • daily fines for delays

    • optimisation of import costs, customs fees etc.

Ongoing quality control
    • equipment

    • personnel

    • shortages

    • injuries

    • delivery precision

    • total lead times on the entire supply chain

    • split times broken up into sections

    •  fixed set KPIs

      • number of orders

      • confirmation times

      • suppliers

      • terminals

      • deviation

    • factory supplies

      • delivery

      • transport time

      • deviation

    • reports are delivered monthly or weekly if wanted

    • unique single reports on requests

Knut Sollund

Knut Sollund

CEO – Chief Executive Officer