ColliCare handles consignments according to the current tariffs, freight calculation rules, transport terms and valid conditions.

ColliCare’s transport terms and conditions are governed by the Nordic Freight Forwarders Association’s general provisions (NSAB 2015), Norwegian Carriage of Goods by Road Act and Norwegian Maritime Code.

Transported goods are often loaded together with other shipments. For this to work, all packages must be properly labelled,  and packaging should be adapted to repacking, not to expose other goods to damage. In cases of poorly labelled packages ColliCare is exempt from liability.



ColliCare adds a surcharge to the freight cost in cases where routes are affected by diversions, closed roads or rail connections, or other route issues requiring changes to normal operation.

Force Majeure events that hamper alternative delivery are excluded, therefore surcharges only apply when consignments require alternative conveyance solutions that are feasible without the use of extraordinary measures beyond the day in question.


Labelling of goods 

All packages must be clearly labelled, and consistent with electronically transmitted shipment information. Standard shipping labels (102x192mm) shall be used, and all information shall be readable both digitally and manually. Errors and omissions in labelling or the transmitted freight information, will be corrected by ColliCare for against extra cost, according to current rates. Here you can find more information about labelling of goods.

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