Import tax on goods, declarations, calculations for taxes and duties – we can assist you with the routines for customs clearance of your import.

Customs clearance process for import

  • the importer must report of goods brought in to the country

  • the importer must declare the basis for calculating taxes and duties

  • norwegian customs controls the declaration via a custom clearance

  • when the customs clearance is complete and you have paid duty and taxes, customs releases your goods. Useful information for importing goods into Norway (

Three main areas of import duty

  • ordinary import, import of goods valued NOK 350 or more, including freight and insurance costs

  • temporary import, goods that are temporarily imported to Norway, and will be re-exported at a later stage

  • re-importation, goods that are reintroduced to Norway, for example after repairs abroad

Marianne B. Skauge

Marianne B. Skauge

Product Manager Customs
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