We have a direct line from Parma. Door-door and rail freight with departure every Saturday morning, arriving at Rolvsøy / Fredrikstad every Monday morning at 6 am. FTLFull Truck Load
Truck fully loaded with goods
, LTL (less than truckload), and also lockable rail wagons.

Rail freight advantages

  • less expensive than road

  • faster alternative

  • both part and full loads

  • short transit time

  • complete tracking

  • lockable train wagons increase safety

  • flexible deliveries from the terminal

  • environmentally friendly. Estimates show an 82% decrease in energy consumption and a 94% decrease in CO² pollution, compared to road

Flexible and easy accessible terminal in Rolvsøy just outside Fredrikstad

  • flexible collection from the terminal, the goods can be stored according to agreement

  • easy access to distribution in Norway and Sweden 

You can book by e-mail, EDI or directly on our website. Every pallet can be tracked electronically by PDA and a web-based track and trace system


Pricing and booking

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Irene Foshaugen Martinsen

Irene Foshaugen Martinsen

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