Customs clearance for import and export, with extensive customs and excise regulations and time-demanding processes, can make international trade quite demanding.

We have our own specialised customs department, with dedicated employees who have set routines for the Directorate of Norwegian Customs. 

We can assist you with your customs clearance. 


Import, export and customs processes

The most common customs process is mainly done for "ordinary" imports or exports and applies to purchasing and selling goods.


Other customs processes may be

  • temporary entry or exit

  • goods imported or exported for temporary use, repair, processing or similar reasons.

  • re-import or re-export

  • goods re-imported or re-exported after temporary import or export


Benefits for your company when we take care of customs clearance


  • quick and easy customs clearance

  • electronic systems and connection to TVINN

  • experienced customs brokers ensure problem-free customs clearance without surprises

  • The eCare system gives you an overview of all documentation in connection with your customs clearance

  • better working capacity within your company


Our customs clearance services

Marianne B. Skauge

Marianne B. Skauge

Product Manager Customs
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