Road freight in Norway and Europe is flexible and suitable for most types of goods. We can help you with groupage, part loads, full loads, trucking and nationwide distribution. We offer both direct routes and reloading at one of our strategically located terminals. 


We run our own distribution in Norway, and offer exclusive routes between Scandinavia, Finland and Benelux. Our freight forwarders in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, the Baltics, Italy and Turkey have, together with an extensive partner network throughout Europe, given us solid local knowledge and presence.

Thomas Haaland

Thomas Haaland

Senior Sales Executive

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Man driving a crane-trailer for ColliCare Logistics during the cold Norwegian winter.
ColliCare-trailers driving across the European roads to pick up and deliver goods.
A branded ColliCare-truck providing express homedelivery in Norway.
A branded ColliCare moving floor trailer being loaded with sawdust by a tractor