We have developed the Supply Risk Radar concept.

Among other things, the Supply Risk Radar concept includes an electronic management tool that contributes to increased security and optimised risk management of the supply chain.

Get in touch with us, and we will help you improve your project logistics and security in the project’s supply chain, and provide you with more information on the Supply Risk Radar concept and our electronic management tools.

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- about how you can safeguard and develop a secure and sustainable supply chain?

Together with you, our competent team, our partners and our tools, we will safeguard your obligation to ensure compliance, your responsibility for participation and your obligation to provide information. 

It can be hard to keep track of projects and day-to-day operations while also maintaining focus on CSR, health, environment, security and risk management of the supply chain. Maybe you should consider a partner who can offer a single concept and a digital monitoring tool that keeps control of and documents your obligations in your projects’ supply chains. 

What Supply Risk Radar provides

  • control of your obligation to ensure compliance 

  • control of your responsibility with regard to participation

  • control of your obligation to provide information

  • environmental calculations

  • access to a team with experience and expertise in supply risk management

  • a supply chain where you can document compliance with HSEQ, CSR and security

  • sensibly balanced supply chain risk

  • documented spot checks

  • access to electronic tools where you can document to authorities, claimants and customers 

  • various courses in supply risk management 

  • control and documentation of driving and rest periods and safety to avoid social dumping in the supply chain    

You have a statutory responsibility and corporate social responsibility as a transport buyer 

The transport buyer must ensure compliance, responsibility for participation and provide information. The transport buyer may be deemed complicit in eventual crimes and be criminally liable should circumstances contrary to the provisions be uncovered. Supply Risk Radar - helps you maintain this overview and comply with your responsibilities:

Transport buyer’s responsibilities

  • obligation to provide information

  • obligation to ensure compliance

  • responsibility for participation

Our Project & Special business unit has developed the TIMP tool in collaboration with a partner. TIMP is a digital management tool that makes it easier to check the status of the various transport companies and drivers and ensure the correct wages and working conditions. It also ensures that rest periods and weekly rest are followed.
TIMP simplifies the planning and ensures that everything is in order, even if something unforeseen should happen. 
Our team also offers sustainable logistics solutions, where we use Eco-Transit to present environmental calculations for your project.

Georg Skivik Moltu

Georg Skivik Moltu

Managing Director Projects & Special