Not everything can be delivered as a package at the door. Large, heavy, breakable goods or goods in unmanageable shapes and forms, will often require extra equipment such as a crane truck when loading and unloading.

We have the equipment for crane trucks to handle most assignments within crane and transport, and we also have extensive experience with crane truck services.

Crane truck services

  • crane trucks are available at all our terminals

  • distribution with crane truck service both directly from the customer or the terminals

  • fixed crane trucking routes, which

    • consolidate with other crane truck goods

    • cost-effective and efficient deliveries

  • varied lift options for challenging lift assignments

  • dedicated terminal staff and truck equipment for handling unmanageable goods and crane truck goods

  • crane trucks from 15 t/m – 85 t/m



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Thomas Haaland

Thomas Haaland

Senior Sales Executive
A branded ColliCare truck on the road by the ocean in Norway, ready to transport goods and cargo