Customs clearance duties, daily settlements, daily credit customs credit – we help you with the customs clearance.

Daily settlements

This is a settlement scheme where customs declarations submitted are paid collectively on the working day after customs clearance.

Daily settlements can only be granted freight forwarder companies who are customs clearing on behalf of other parties.

For companies without customs credit and private persons, ColliCare will calculate customs and tax costs, and invoice you directly. This invoice must be settled before delivery of your goods.


Responsibility for customs clearance

According to the act on customs and movement of goods, it is the importer's responsibility to ensure that goods are properly cleared through customs into the country before delivery and use. If it is unclear who the importer is, then the responsible party is the recipient. All taxes and duties must be paid in full before the Norwegian Customs Directory can make the goods available.


Customs credit

Customs credit is credit granted to companies who import goods from abroad. It simplifies payment of duty and taxes. As these are due on the 18th the following month, you may postpone payment of duty on imports. You can apply for a months credit by the Norwegian Tax Office when settling customs and duties from imports.


Routines for daily settlements

  1. arrival at ColliCare: goods are stored in a bonded warehouse

  2. tax, customs fees and other relevant fees are calculated by our customs department

  3. invoice is sent to importer/receiver via email

  4. when payment from importer/receiver is confirmed by our bank, we will pay Norwegian Customs through daily settlement. NOTE: storage costs will normally incur after 3 days. To ensure a speedy process, please send us the payment receipt in return

  5. when the Norwegian Customs Directory has approved the customs clearance, the goods will be released from customs warehouse and delivered according to the consignment

  6. the following workday we will pay the daily settlement to Norwegian Customs

  7. if the exchange rate of the Norwegian Customs has since the calculation date, we will issue an invoice or credit the difference

  8. our original invoice together with the receipt from the Norwegian Customs will be sent per mail to the importer

Marianne B. Skauge

Marianne B. Skauge

Product Manager Customs
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