Walking floor or moving floor – means that the floor of the trailer moves. A very smart fixture that can automate the loading and unloading of goods

The floor, consisting of 10-centimetre fluted aluminium plates, is automated so that the goods are moved either out of or into the trailer. Bulk goods like sawdust and rubbish is tipped at the top of the trailer and unloaded from the back-end doors by the movable floor.

We use trailers with three axels, the box is made out of aluminium and has a welded inside. One of the sides have doors that can open fully, for loading of very long shipments.

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Cargo shipping with moving floor

  • bulk materials

    • sand, gravel

    • agricultural products

    • sawdust, wooden materials

  • paper rolls

  • compressed pallets

We offer you good solutions for

  • door-door

  • pick up of goods

  • delivery of goods

  • processing of custom documents

  • full control of the logistics with the web system: eCare

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