Oil and gas, the maritime industry, energy, fish, and aquaculture are amongst the biggest industries in Norway.

Our clients are usually project-driven businesses with specific requirements for transport and logistics providers. Our dedicated team specialises in both local and global project logistics services. 


Logistics, project management, safety and risk

Project management, safety & risk management, logistics and supply are key areas of expertise and a success factor when it comes to looking after you as a unique project customer.

We initiate, plan, execute, monitor and inspect and complete your projects by the agreed time, at the agreed price and quality and in accordance with your project requirements. 


Our focus is on project-driven markets, we customize and tailor our solutions to your project needs!


Our mindset is to focus on safety and risk management

Identifying potential risks in advance is of great value for an industrial project. Analysis and precautions ensure a steady and safe project fulfillment.

Freight forwarders providing transport and logistics services to industrial projects must hold safety and risk management expertise. We offer our expertise in this critical area, protecting and preserving the high value goods, equipment, personnel, and financial risk elements involved in your project's logistic operations.

In a risk-based approach, our dedicated project team will together with our partners, vendors and you as a client, carefully plan the operations upfront, taking into consideration the route, equipment fit for purpose, procedures, working methods, the lifting and equipment details, etc, all in advance and during the operation. Risk management ensures safer and smarter work routines during the entire process.


Our project team offers

  • understanding of project requirements and customer needs 

  • unique expertise within freight forwarding, logistics, supply, safety & risk management, and project management

  • tailormade project logistics solutions

  • a focus on your project targets

  • flexibility and hands-on capacity

  • walk the talk attitude

  • short response time

  • 24/7 availability

  • ability to deliver best-in-class project logistic services

  • an extensive network of partners worldwide

  • talented subcontractors and partners

  • value-creating deliveries


Team Projects & special

Georg Skivik Moltu

Georg Skivik Moltu

Managing Director Projects & Special
Kjetil Nerland

Kjetil Nerland

Commercial & Operational Manager Projects & Special
John Vaage

John Vaage

Regional Manager
Sandra Berentsen

Sandra Berentsen

Freight Forwarder - Traineen
Vilde Harstad

Vilde Harstad

Freight Forwarder • Projects & Special
Jan Gunnar Lexau

Jan Gunnar Lexau

Senior Freight Forwarder • ColliCare Projects & Logistics AS

Project & Special Stavanger

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4033 Stavanger

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5003 Bergen

Project & Special Møre & Romsdal

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