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Profitable freight solution for your goods throughout Europe, for import, export, general cargo, bulkCommodity cargo that is transported unpackaged in large quantities
It refers to material in either liquid or granular, particulate form, as a mass of relatively small solids, such as petroleum/crude oil, grain, coal, or gravel.
goods, special cargo, dangerous goods, and distribution.

We are represented with our own offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, combined with a well-established agent network.

We can offer you a transport solution by road, sea, air or rail, and even a combination of these - a multimodal transport.

Combined or multimodal freight can provide many benefits

  • profitable

  • environment 

  • timing 

  • flexible


We offer you great solutions for

  • FCLFull Container Load
    Full container load
    /FTLFull Truck Load
    Truck fully loaded with goods
    and LCLLess than Container Load
    Less than container load. 1 TEU equals a 20 feet container

  • temporary storage of goods

  • repackaging of goods

  • pick-up/delivery on time

  • pick-up/delivery by crane truck

  • pick-up/delivery in the evening/night

  • special requirements goods

  • import and export solutions

  • weekly scheduled departures

  • handling of customs-related documents