Sea freight, container transport, FCLFull Container Load
Full container load
, LCLLess than Container Load
Less than container load. 1 TEU equals a 20 feet container
, green transport, we can organise your sea freight regardless of destination.

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You gain access to a large network, local offices, or agents in all the important transport hubs. Contact us for smooth sailing and transportation of your gods.

Sea freight is green, affordable and predictable

In a globalized world, trade and transport across national borders is a condition for growth. Unfortunately, a high transport volume also means a large burden on the environment. If you choose sea freight, your company's footprint is smaller. Sea freight is both an affordable and reliable form of transport, with many possibilities for individual adaptation.

Advantages of sea freight:

  • lower shipping costs
  • less MAUT/road taxes
  • predictable arrivals and departures
  • environmental considerations, reduce Co2 emissions


Bent Arild Hære

Bent Arild Hære

Director Sales