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When exporting goods from Norway your goods must always be declared to the Norwegian Customs. You may not send goods out of Norway before Norwegian Customs has given its permission. As an exporter you are required to notify the Norwegian authorities via a customs clearance - also called a declaration. Norwegian Customs controls the declaration via a customs clearance, when approved you can send the goods out of the country. Customs clearance is conducted in Norwegian Customs’ clearance system, TVINN.


Three main areas for export customs

  • high value of the goods

    • value more than NOK 5000

  • temporary export

    • for example for goods that are exported for repair and will be returned to Norway

  • re-importation to Norway

    • goods which have been temporarily customs cleared into Norway


On these pages you can find more detailed information regarding the customs clearance of export.

Restricted goods

Certain goods, even under the value of NOK 5000, must be cleared by customs. Read more about restricted goods for export.


Customs clearance documentation 

As an exporter, you are responsible for labelling and addressing the goods correctly, and providing the correct customs clearance documentation. Here you will find more information about customs clearance documentation.

Marianne B. Skauge

Marianne B. Skauge

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