Ordinary distribution isn't always the right choice of LTL or FTL transportation. Let’s find a direct distribution solution tailored for your company.

Direct distribution is delivery without reloading at a terminal, minimizing the risk of damage and errors.

This is what you get with a direct distribution solution

  • distribution without reloading

  • your own schedule, tailored to your needs

  • express courier/ cargo taxi

  • express distribution

  • personal service, express customer service

  • high quality

  • predictability

  • key deliveries at night (In Night)

  • deliveries at a specific time, if required

  • solutions for challenging cargo structures

  • same-day deliveries

  • deliveries adapted for a limited delivery window

  • cost-efficient distribution setup for large volumes in key areas

  • complete and full load car shipments (FTL)

  • dedicated drivers for the assignments

  • choice of own, suitable distribution vehicle


We choose the fastest distribution route, pick up your goods, and deliver to the agreed address at the agreed time.

Which distribution solution suits your business?

  • fixed routes

  • individual assignments

  • projects

  • special assignments

  • hourly rate

  • dedicated drivers

Which road freight equipment suits your needs?

  • courier/ cargo taxi

  • van - from small to large, 1 - 4 pallets

  • lorry - from small to large, 8 - 18 pallets

Iver Sæther

Iver Sæther

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