Less than truckload (LTL) or ordinary groupage distribution delivered to your chosen location in Norway - in the morning, granting you access to the material you need when the workday starts.

Our InNight service, specialized for

  • delivery on your location before 07:00 o'clock

  • delivery on your location before 12:00 o'clock

  • track & trace systems granting full overview 

    • GPS coordinated delivery

    • photo of actual delivery

    • proactive alerts for

      • deviation

      • delay

      • automatic coordination of deviation and reporting


We focus on the security of your goods, by locking them in at your

  • construction site

  • container

  • storage

  • shop

  • service vehicles

  • etc

InNight provide you with

  • reports, statistics, and analyses, standard or customized, for you to follow up

  • results, which are the foundation for improvement and optimization of deliveries


When creating your setup for InNight, we gather information like

  • all pick-up points

  • all locations for delivery

  • type of goods, consolidation needs

  • create routes for effective distribution and predictable deliveries

The goods are in place before your customer’s workday starts, at the building site, or wherever you need them to be delivered

We have extensive experience with our InNight service, an expansive route network, and very satisfied customers.

InNight services we provide

  • pick-up where you wish, and delivery where you want

  • delivery before 07:00 AM

  • transfers at local terminals when needed

  • a direct route from your warehouse to your recipient’s

  • online tracing and GPS-tracking for deliveries as a standard

  • every package is scanned every time it is handled to give you a full overview

  • transfers throughout the journey with our terminals that have long opening hours, and as early as you might wish.

  • access to crane trucks for heavy lifting

You are in full control

  • everything is digital, starting with booking via EDI or online

  • all packages are scanned upon handling, both when entering a terminal or being loaded onto a truck

  • GPS-tracking provides traceability throughout the journey

Pricing and booking

Get an offer, or book right away

Any question about our InNight and additional services - get in contact with us!

Tom Erik Hauger

Tom Erik Hauger

Managing Director Distribution Norway
Sven Erik Kalleberg

Sven Erik Kalleberg

Product Manager In-Night
Branded ColliCare truck during night, ready to deliver predictable goods with the InNight service
Two ColliCare-employees work through the night.
Branded ColliCare truck during night, ready to deliver predictable goods with the InNight service
ColliCare-employee packing goods in truck, preparing it for delivery during night time.
A branded ColliCare-trailer at night, parked at the terminal to unload goods.