We have large storage facilities with good capacity. In our warehouses, we offer storage in various types of shelves, racks and floor space both indoors and outdoors. We also have AutoStore and elevators -  automated storage system for smaller goods. With a central location in Eastern Norway, distribution is efficient and seamless.


Third-party logistics (3PL) warehousing

3PL is a good fit if you have varying storage needs, or are looking for warehouse accommodation. Our warehousing service has storage costs that vary with your needs or season. You get a professional team that provides handling of orders and pick and pack services.



AutoStore is our automated warehouse solution that uses robots in a clock-driven loop to give you a smooth order flow. It is a modular cubic warehouse, which is operated with an advanced and efficient warehouse management system.



If you have small goods or goods with a small volume, an automated storage using elevators is a very cost-effective and reliable storage solution. This is a computer-driven storage machine, which with precision, easily retrieves the selected item.


Warehouse management system

Our warehouse system, WMS, is user-friendly and flexible. You can easily place orders, check your balance and have a full overview of your stock status.

Staff driving truck in our storage facilities


Ole Bakurowitz

Ole Bakurowitz

Sales Manager Storage