We make sure your online store delivers precise, seamless, and applicable home deliveries - as your customer wants it! We want to be an essential part of the overall customer experience for Home Delivery.


To enable this, we focus on customer service as the most important factor and hold control of the entire value-chain from drivers, own cars, customer support, and technology.

Service level for your deliveries

We do not limit ourselves to any types of goods, small, large, long and heavy. We might be extra skilled at handling "large packages" such as furniture and appliances. Choose the level of service you want to offer your online store customers:










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We are experts at Home Delivery and want to be a sales advantage for your online store.

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Notification solution

Functional, digital notification solution, where the recipient makes their own choices!

  • change of delivery date

  • the recipient can ask us to deliver in a garage, car, storage room or smart house

  • share other useful information with us

Return scheme providing good customer experience

  • bookable

  • arrange a time for collection with the customer

  • help with return or recycling

Customer service

We know that your goods and your customers are important. The customer consultants are at service, both the online store and the recipients. We don't have key choice on our phone service, you'll be directed straight to our experienced customer consultants.

Reach us on phone, email, or chat. Response time is short anyway!


Your regular sales contact

Dialogue and understanding are important, you'll get your regular sales contact. We want it to be easy to get in touch with us and get solid advice from experienced logistics people.


Remember that your online store never is better than the last link in the customer journey - the actual home delivery to the customer

How to become a customer of ColliCare Home Delivery

Call us, or send us a note by email, and we will customize a solution that is suitable for your online store.


Malin Uv

Malin Uv

Product Manager Home Delivery