An automated storage elevator is a cost-effective and reliable storage solution for small goods or goods with a smaller volume. With a computer-driven storage machine, the goods are retrieved automatically and efficiently without anyone having to search.


Our automated storage is equipped with screens that show visually where to pick and laser pointers that shine on the item. Our dedicated team of employees operate our goods lifts, ensuring control and customer service.

About our automated storage and elevators

  • height: 10 meters

  • up to 100 trays, each tray is 3,5 meters

  • each tray may have several different storage locations

  • maximum size of goods, including packaging, is 60 centimetres

  • smallest location is 10x10 centimetres

  • capacity of picking up to 300 articles an hour

  • using “Pick-to-Light” technology, a light pointer identifies the exact location of the item to be picked

Advantages of using automated storage systems

  • complete traceability due to thorough scanning of all product movements

  • quick and easy handling of orders

  • cost-efficient

  • less manual labor and increased picking accuracy

Bent Arild Hære

Bent Arild Hære

Director Sales