Storage solutions, 3PLThird Party Logistics
A company's use of a third-party to outsource its distribution, warehousing or other services
, 4PLFourth Party Logistics
A company outsources its logistics organisation and management. 4PL providers often manage the complete supply chain on behalf of the manufacturer or service provider. B2B2C
, WMSWarehouse Management System
This is a software application designed to support and optimise warehouse functionality and distribution center management
systems  – Smart storage solutions with 3PL or 4PL warehouse services will streamline your flow of goods and increases your profit.


Long-term, short-term or customised warehouse solutions, let us give you an offer

We aim to offer you a smart and flexible storage service according to your supply chain. Whether it is long term, short term or a tailored storage solution customised to your needs.

Third-party logistics (3PL) and warehousing

3PL is for you if your requirements for storage varies, or if you are searching warehousing.

Warehousing costs vary with your needs and seasons. You get a professional team that helps with orders and "pick and pack" services, which are available at any time. Let us help you handle seasonal fluctuations – with no fixed costs.

The warehousing solution can be provided individually, or in combination with other import services or distribution.

Automatic storage – Vertical lift storage

Automatic storage, or vertical lift storage, is an effective storage solution for small items. Automatic storage is cost-effective, faster and reduces picking errors. We have new and modern vertical lift storage equipped with screens that visually shows where to pick, and laser pointers highlighting the item. Our dedicated employees operate the automatic storage machines, to give you control and the best customer service.

Logistics for eCommerce

Are you operating, or planning to operate, an online shopping business towards the Scandinavian market? Then we can assist you as a solid logistics partner for your consignments to Scandinavia

Bonded warehouse

ColliCare has authorised bonded warehouses under current regulations. There are strict requirements for bonded warehouses, and what may be stored with duty unpaid. Storage periods also have specified deadlines and conditions regulated by customs.


Our largest 24-hour distribution terminal is situated at Skedsmokorset, on the outskirts of Oslo. We also have terminals in Porsgrunn, Trondheim, and on Rudshøgda, and we can offer short term storage – whenever you require this.

Cross docking

Cross dockingCross docking
A practice in logistics of unloading materials from an incoming semi-trailer truck or railroad car and loading these materials directly into outbound trucks, trailers, or rail cars, with little or no storage in between
is to organise logistics more efficiently to avoid costly intermediate storage. This is how we do it

  • we receive shipments from your suppliers, with various flows of goods into our warehouses

  • we repackage, consolidate, label and scan 

  • send a single shipment out, directly to your customer

  • cost-saving, simple and efficient for you - simple and straightforward for your customer

Storing on shelves and racks

Packages and coils are stored on shelves, racks are reserved pallet goods where the heights are adapted to the goods’ sizes. Goods are safeguarded according to the warehouse’s rules by plastic wrapping or securing bands - for you and your goods’ safety.

Floor storage

We can store goods directly on the floor, in rows or blocks - indoors and outdoors.

You can find us in

  • Norway, 1 warehouse in Moss, and 1 in Vestby, and terminals at Skedsmokorset, Porsgrunn, Rudshøgda and in Trondheim

  • Sweden, 2 warehouses, in Gothenburg and Östersund

  • China, 3 warehouses, placed in Shanghai, Xiamen and Yantian

We take care of your goods, and emphasise

  • customer service, with dedicated team leaders per customer

  • documented reception and quality control 

  • scanning of all incoming goods

  • registration of the goods in our WMS (warehouse management system)

  • scanning of all outgoing orders

The environment is important to us

  • waste is sorted according to recycling objectives

  • new forklifts with environmentally friendly batteries