Back Biogass truks for distribution in Norway

Expanding Biogas fleet for sustainable logistics

Our sustainable efforts in Norway received a significant boost with five new biogas distribution trucks. These additions support our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and strive towards eco-friendly logistics practices.

The five biogas trucks can all load 18 pallets and will be delivering goods in and around our biggest cities in Norway. 

With 21 electric vehicles already operating nationwide, including vans, trucks, and a crane truck, we are driving sustainable logistics forward. These new biogas trucks, alongside the existing fleet, contribute to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions along the supply chain.

Four of the five new trucks are ready for deployment, starting with Trondheim on May 13th, with others following suit in the coming weeks. In addition, seven biogas-powered truck units have recently been introduced, enhancing our transportation solutions.

These initiatives show our dedication to the environment and highlight the transformative potential of sustainable logistics in shaping a more resilient future. These trucks fit perfectly with our environmental strategy and signify a huge step towards a greener future.