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Sleep tight - your delivery will be at your location tomorrow

InNight distribution delivers before 07:00 o'clock - all over Norway.

We have been expanding, and our InNight service is now one of the leading InNight-service in Norway. Specializing in deliveries on your location

  • before 07:00 o'clock

  • before 12:00 o'clock


We secure your goods, from small parts to larger shipments, by locking them in, at your

  • construction site

  • container

  • storage

  • store

  • service vehicles, etc.

In addition, you may choose delivery vehicles from small electric vans to crane/heavy haulage.

Delivery overview

Follow your deliveries with ColliCare track & trace systems granting you a full overview of

  • GPS coordinated delivery

  • photo of actual delivery

  • proactive alerts at

    • deviation

    • delay

    • automatical coordination of deviation and reporting


Map with GPS coordinates for delivery
GPS coordinates for delivery
Photo from actual InNight delivery
Actual InNight delivery


Any question about out InNight and additional services - get in contact with us!

Sivert Vestre

Sivert Vestre

Development Manager Domestic