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Opening hours – Christmas 2023

Opening hours and distribution during the Christmas holidays and New Year for our storage facilities and terminals. 

Our location at Kløfta, Moss, and Vestby

18th -22nd of December - normal opening hours

25th and 26th of December - closed

27th to 29th of December - normal opening hours

Distribution plan for Norway 

International road freight

We know from experience that there are significant challenges in finding transport companies that can deliver goods in Norway close to the Christmas holidays. 
To ensure delivery before Christmas, please plan for your goods to arrive in Norway during week 51. Standard transit times can be expected from week 1 in 2024.

Sea freight

Friday the 29th of December is the only departure from Moerdijk in week 52. Monday 25th of December is a Public holiday,  which means no sailing. This might cause minor delays in delivery times. Please make sure you book early.

Rail freight

The last train departure from Parma in 2023 will be on the 22nd of December, arriving in Rolvsøy on Wednesday the 27th. We can deliver goods both Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th of December. Please inform your ColliCare contact of your needs.
There are no train departures from Parma in week 52 or week 1. The first train to arrive at Rolvsøy in 2024 will be in our terminal on Monday the 15th of January. We will help find alternative transport solutions during the two weeks the train does not run. Please remember to book early.