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Road freight Norway - Finland

– quick and convenient solution

Road freight Norway - Finland

– quick and convenient solution

Together with our department in Finland we offer a complete distribution network throughout the Nordic countries

ColliCare offers:
  • Daily departures
  • To and from all big cities in Finland and Norway
  • Fixed delivery times for pick-up from anywhere in Finland to Norway, and from Norway to Finland

We operate fixed routes on a daily basis, including daily distribution in Finland and Norway. ColliCare collects part load or groupage shipment and deliver to end customer in both countries.

Our customs department handles customs clearance between the Northern countries every day, and are happy to help with customs clearance of all import or export shipments.

ColliCare customer service is one of our strongest competitive advantages.

Groupage 0-2500kg

Consignments shipped as groupage will be picked up and delivered by drivers with local knowledge.All vehicles are equipped with lifts for pick-up/delivery to ground level.

Part loads +2500kg

Direct delivery or via terminal. Particular pick-up or delivery conditions? With our strategically located terminals in Scandinavia, we offer pick-up and delivery of larger consignments with smaller vehicles that are equipped with lifts for delivery to ground level.

As a part of our distribution solution for groupage and part loads, we offer:
  • Temporary storage of goods
  • Unpacking of goods
  • Pick-up /delivery within slot times
  • Pick-up /delivery with crane trucks
  • Pick-up/delivery in the evening/night
  • Express delivery
  • Special goods
  • Import and export solutions
  • Fixed departures every week
  • Custom clearance and document handling
  • Dangerous goods
  • Air freight

In addition ColliCare provide:
  • Monitor your suppliers and assure they deliver as agreed
  • Pick-up time when the goods are ready
  • More direct communication  - easier and faster

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Per Rune Holmøy
Senior Sales Executive