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Road freight in Europe

- cargo shipping solutions across Europe

Road freight in Europe

- cargo shipping solutions across Europe

ColliCare offers the best and most profitable freight solution for cargo in Europe, and are well equipped to do so with our own departments in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Baltics


Groupage 0-2500kg

Consignments shipped as groupage will be picked-up and delivered by drivers with local knowledge.
All vehicles are equipped with lifts for pick-up/delivery to ground level.

Part-loads +2500kg

Direct delivery or via terminal
With our strategically located terminals in Scandinavia, we offer pick-up and delivery of larger consignments with smaller vehicles that are equipped with lifts for delivery to ground level.
As part of our local distribution solution for groupage and part-loads we offer:
  • Temporary storage of goods
  • Unpacking of goods
  • Pick-up/delivery within slot times
  • Pick-up/delivery with crane trucks
  • Pick-up/delivery in the evening/overnight
  • Special goods
  • Import and export solutions
  • Weekly scheduled departures
  • Handling of customs related documents

Complete overview of your logistics from order to delivery with eCare, a userfriendly web-based system.

With eCare you can book and be kept informed about the status of your active consignments. Each shipment is electronically traceable. In addition you have easy access to related documents and your history.

ColliCare offers
  • Follow-up order with suppliers
  • Arrange pick-up cargo is ready
  • Simple communication fewer links

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