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Shopping center logistics

Is it for granted that the drivers handles all deliveries inside the shopping center/industrial building? And is this the most efficient way to get goods delivered?

ColliCare InStore can provide a smarter delivery process by operating a joint area for goods reception. A joint distribution of incoming goods to all the stores, is both efficient and cost saving.

We have chosen to use a Warehouse Management System, a system for handling goods that gives complete control and predictability. Crucial information is easily accessible for both recipient and supplier. 

Advantages of a joint area for incoming and outgoing goods:
  • Better control of transport providers, reduced insurance liability
  • One party in charge, gives full control over deliveries and handling goods in-house
  • Reduced operating costs – less wear and tear and items broken
  • Routines for sorting of goods and waste disposal; resulting in reduced total cost
  • Joint deliveries, more deliveries made by less staff
  • Checkpoint for stores and tenants
  • Transporters avoid delivery failures and taking up unnecessary space
  • Building safety
  • Using Warehouse Management System for control and as a source of information
  • Sustainability

Smart Logistics pay off!

Customer reference Strømmen Storsenter:
​«Strømmen Storsenter has chosen to team up with ColliCare Logistics. Logistics at a big shopping center is best run using a professional party with firsthand knowledge. We have great faith in  ColliCares InStore service which now can be provided to our tenants.  It is both a provident and innovative service. Streamlining of  goods handling will make it cost efficient for the tenants. »
Ole Herredsvela, Technical Chief, Strømmen Storsenter
InStore – save money on the last part of the supply chain
Customer reference

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Mattias Sturesson
Country Manager eCommerce and InStore
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Save money on the last chain of the supply chain with our InStore services.
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