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Customer references

for ColliCare InStore

Customer references

for ColliCare InStore

Read what customers has to say about the InStore service

Customer Referance ASKO:

«ASKO uses ColliCare InStore for delivering goods early in the morning, before the shopping centers open.
ASKO and our customers are very pleased with the work ColliCare InStore is doing with our deliveries. The collaboration has given us savings when it comes to trucks, staff, time and costs. The cost of a driver and truck is high, and by using this solution they can both be used for other deliveries while ColliCare delivers our goods to the shopping centers. We experience big advantages by using this service, and will continue to expand our service together with ColliCare InStore.»

Rune Stranna, Customer Coordinator Marked, ASKO Øst


Customer Reference Motek:

«Here at Motek, spending time on serving our customers is a crucial factor in keeping them happy and loyal. That is why we have decided to collaborate with ColliCare InStore at our Trondheim division.
ColliCare InStore helps us with the flow of goods in-store. One of the most valuable advantages by using this service, is freeing time so we can  spend our resources where they are most needed.
We definitely see the positive effect of using ColliCare InStore in our shop.»

Anders Hognerud, Chain Manager, Motek AS


Customer Reference Jernia:

«We use a disproportionately amount of time picking up and unpacking shipments of goods in the reception area. Just collecting a pallet takes us up to 15 minutes, and unpacking and disposing of the waste takes up even more time. Four pallets can take up to a whole day, and in the peak-seasons, we spend an equal amount of time in the store and in the goods reception area. Our collaboration with ColliCare InStore frees time for us to focus on customers during the whole of the store opening hours, and we get merchandise ready in the shelves quicker. .»
Christer Forsberg, Store Manager, Jernia Strømmen Storsenter


Customer Referance Match:

«Match used InStore services at our stores in Strømmen and Storo Center.
Handling the flow of goods here is demanding, especially in the change of season. In spring 2013 our Match-store at Strømmen received the price for Best Service in the Match-chain. We have good reasons to believe that ColliCare InStore played a part in this. The employees had time freed up to focus on promotional work, and being able to provide good customer service.»

Aina Sande, former Operational Manager, Match


Customer reference Strømmen Storsenter:

«Strømmen Storsenter has chosen to team up with ColliCare Logistics. Logistics at a big shopping center is best run using a professional party with firsthand knowledge. We have great faith in  ColliCares InStore service which now can be provided to our tenants.  It is both a provident and innovative service. Streamlining of  goods handling will make it cost efficient for the tenants. »
Ole Herredsvela, Technical Chief, Strømmen Storsenter

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Save money on the last chain of the supply chain with our InStore services.
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