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– with focus on superior delivery


– with focus on superior delivery

eCommerce increases rapidly, the same are your customer expectations of convenient deliveries. ColliCare offers even more delivery alternatives

ColliCare has strengthened its eCommerce department to meet the efficiency needs of e-commerce today and in the future. We offer several attractive distribution solutions, all with full online traceability.

Home deliveries

We are proud being able to offer home deliveries both in daytime and during evenings in all of Norway. We deliver everything from screwdrivers and ipad covers to heavier furniture groups. Flexible, personal and smart deliveries are key to success.

Pickup Points

ColliCare is cooperating with one of the best distribution networks of pickup points in Norway, where your customer is collecting at the closest supermarket

Mail box deliveries/Flex deliveries

The consumer expect deliveries even though he/she is not at home. ColliCare deliver your small parcels directly into the mail box or put the parcel at the pre agreed spot without signature


with text messages and/or e-mail we provide your customer a link with access to information about the shipments. The information is available o all digital platforms, disregarding if it is desktop, ipad or mobile web pages. The consumer can trace, contact ColliCare or let us know about special requests.


We make the quality visible of our deliveries and therefore offer the consumers to “star-rate” all deliveries from ColliCare. An immediate quality affirmation of the job we do.

ColliCare provide eCommerce, and the possible logistics solutions adapted to you and your web shop

ColliCare continuously develop their eCommerce services and will have great focus on accurate home deliveries, consumer demands and an effective digital dialogue with your customers. We shall assist your web shop to satisfy your customer needs and expectations.

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Mattias Sturesson
Country Manager eCommerce