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Shopping center- courier

– scheduled service between shopping centers in and around Oslo.

Shopping center- courier

– scheduled service between shopping centers in and around Oslo.

Easy delivery of goods between shopping centers in and around Oslo

Express truck on a set schedule between the shopping centres in and around Oslo – Monday to Friday!

In the highly congested Oslo, goods are shipped between the various shopping centres on a daily basis. ColliCare now has a scheduled express service that has some strong advantages:

  • Less administration for the shops, more time for the customers in the shop
  • Cost efficient
  • No middlemen, direct deliveries in the shop
  • Available goods
  • Easy booking system
  • Predictability with a scheduled and reliable route
  • Frees up the shops own resources
  • Fewer trucks on the Oslo roads
  • Environmentally friendly, will operate within the new environment regulations of the city

How to book:

  • Send us an e-mail or ring us for your first booking: ekspress@collicare.no, or +47 23628080 – you will be assigned a customer number at the first order
  • You will receive access to our simple web booking as soon as you have your customer number
  • Booking deadline: at the very latest 3 hours prior to pick up at your shopping centre – opening times for our booking service: 8:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday
  • Goods must be ready 30minutes prior to pick up at your centre
  • Remember to label the collie well, and to include shipper and receiver
    – we will pick up and deliver directly to the shops.

Questions regarding the service: customerservice@collicare.no or +47 23628080.

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We are above average in our goods handling, and can promise you personal follow up of both the shops and the goods recipient ramp. 


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Mattias Sturesson
Country Manager eCommerce and InStore
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Call us:

23 62 80 80

or send an email: ddterminal@collicare.no

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