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Frequently asked questions

What does express delivery from abroad mean?
 - This applies to the transport leg from abroad to Norway. Once the consignment arrives in Norway the express leg ends, and the consignment follows normal shipping routines.

Why do we need your social security number?
 - When you declare an item to Norwegian Customs you must also provide your personal identification number on the declaration. If someone else declares the goods on your behalf, in this case ColliCare, your social security number must follow the declaration to Norwegian Customs.

What happens when you have given us your social security number?
 - We declare the consignment and forward it to your nearest collection point (post office). You will get an SMS when the package has arrived and is ready for pickup. To take possession of the package you must pay any duty, tax, customs clearance fees and a COD fee. This is done directly at the collection point.

Have you not received an SMS about your consignment?
 - Have you registered the right mobile number? If we have the wrong number, we cannot contact you with a consignment update. We can retrieve your mobile number from your Facebook profile if you were logged in at the time you placed your order.

What happens if a package is not picked-up within 2 weeks?
  - If a package is not picked-up within 2 weeks it is returned to us, and the recipient must pay to have it sent again. The sender can also decide if they want the package returned or if it should be destroyed.

Do you want to return your purchase?
  - If you want to return an item check the rules at the online shop you purchased from. Procedures vary from shop to shop.
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