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Customs clearance documentation

Note that as an importer or exporter you have a particular responsibility to submit accurate documentation. This includes assisting with the correct information about the consignment, for example documentation of origin.

Inadequate documentation can:

  • Delay the consignment
  • Stop the consignment

Documentation requirements:

  • Invoice with specified content:
    • Invoice number
    • Sender
    • Date and place
    • Packages and weight
    • Description of contents
    • Price
    • Delivery location and dates
    • Particular conditions related to the invoice
    • Documentation of origin/proof of origin
  • Proforma invoice:
    • A proforma invoice should reflect the goods’ true value
    • Used if the receiver is not paying for the goods, for example samples or gifts


Customs clearance documentation is also an important factor when applying for a VAT settlement from the Norwegian Tax Administration, ref. Act relating to Value Added Tax.

eCare provides you with a complete overview over all consignments and their related documentation such as customs clearance, bill of lading and invoices etc.


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