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How does the cash settlement for customs clearance work?

Who is responsible for customs clearance?  
According to the Act on customs and movement of goods, it is the importer's responsibility to ensure that goods are properly cleared through customs into the country before delivery and use. If it is unclear who the importer is, then the responsible party is the recipient. 

Do you need customs credit?
Customs credit is a credit Norwegian Customs grants to companies to simplify payment of duty and taxes. With customs credit you can postpone payment of duty on imports. We recommend you use customs credit for quick and simple customs clearance of goods. Read more about customs credit.

Daily settlement
ColliCare is granted permission to perform daily settlements. This is a settlement scheme where customs declarations submitted during the course of a day are paid collectively on the working day after customs clearance.
If you do not have customs credit or you are importing as a private person, ColliCare will calculate customs and tax costs and invoice you directly. 

Routines for daily settlement:
  1. Arrival at ColliCare: Goods are stored in bonded warehouse
  2. Tax, customs fees and other relevant fees are calculated by our customs department
  3. Invoice is sent to importer/receiver via email
  4. When payment from importer/receiver is confirmed by our bank, we will pay Norwegian Customs through daily settlement. NOTE: Storage costs will normally incur after 3 days
    If you want to influence the process to go faster, we recommende you to send us the receipt for payment as soon as it is confirmed.
  5. As soon as the invoice for customs and tax are paid we will release your goods, and delivered according to the consigment
  6. The following work day we will pay the daily settlement to Norwegian Customs
  7. If Norwegian Customs has changed their exchange rate after we did our calculation, but before we pay through daily settlement, we will issue an invoice or credit with the difference
  8. Finally, our original invoice with confirmed payment, and receipt from Norwegian Customs will be sent to you via mail

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