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Express services
Looking for express delivery in eastern Norway? Big or small. Anything from small parcels to pallets, to part-loads.
Air and express services are the fastest growing freight service. At today's business pace other ways of transport are often too slow. We have a large network and deliver door-door – contact us!
Customs’ processes to get an item in or out of the country are time consuming. We know customs procedures, let us handle your customs clearance!
Need professional warehousing services? Long-term, short-term or a customized warehouse solution? We have an excellent warehouse management tool, and strive to provide you with a smart and flexible storage service. Contact us today!
Are you running av web shop, or are you planning to in the future? We can provide you with a solid logistics system for your shipments.
Let your staff focus on selling your products and leave unpacking, pricing, clearing, mounting of stands and merchandising to us. ColliCare InStore can ensure that your items are efficiently placed in your shops, offering manpower and guidance on how to find the smartest solution for your shops.
Sea freight
including our offices in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Baltics, Italy, Turkey, India and China, and agents in the important hubs. Please contact us for the best solutions and shipping routes!
Directly from Parma – departure every Friday at 11pm, and arriving Rolvsøy by Fredrikstad every Monday by 6pm.
We deliver excellent road freight services! ColliCare has its own freight forwarding departments in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, the Baltics, Italy and Turkey and a large partner network throughout Europe. We offer nationwide distribution across all the Scandinavian countries. Feel free to contact us!
ColliCare Logistics AS
Deliveien 10,
N-1540 Vestby
VAT/Org.: NO980953343
From abroad: +47 69 20 95 00
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