Offshore requires talented personnel with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. We can supply specialist logistics and field service solutions for your logistics project. 

Please contact us to discuss field services

We would be happy to help you with field services, personnel - offshore supply

Field services and personnel solutions for small and large projects

  • from one to multiple operators

  • total staffing for the entire project in accordance with the project guidelines for logistics personnel

We can offer solutions for on-site staffing, including

  • supercargo

  • procurement

  • supplier management personnel

  • warehouse specialists

  • forklift truck drivers

  • senior logistics supervisors

  • logistics personnel

  • drivers

  • customs clearance advisors


As a full-service shipping agent and specialist in field services and personnel logistics, we are prepared to assist you 24/7.



Georg Skivik Moltu

Georg Skivik Moltu

Managing Director Projects & Special
Kjetil Nerland

Kjetil Nerland

Commercial & Operational Manager Projects & Special