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UK is a very important trading country for Norway. And what is special about the UK/Norway transport-market is that import and export is almost in balance.

Let us transport your goods from and to the UK

We can offer express export service from Norway to the UK, only 1 day transit time.

Logistics in UK (United Kingdom)

Our connections in the UK have the local expertise needed to handle all assignments in a professional way. Even though Brexit has complicated the customs process, we solve this easily for you, with the right knowledge.

We do both LTL, FTL, and FCL. Collection of groupage and part load is not a problem either in Norway or in the UK.

Freight services in UK (United Kingdom)

Consignment goods, general cargo, special goods, temperature regulated goods, or ADR goods - we will find a solution fulfilling the requirement logistic to the UK

  • general cargo, LTL, LCLLess than Container Load
    Less than container load. 1 TEU equals a 20 feet container
    ; consignments with a weight limit up to 2500 kg freight calculation per consignment

  • part loads; consignments weighted from 2500 kg freight calculation per consignment and upwards

  • full truck or container, FTLFull Truck Load
    Truck fully loaded with goods
    , FCLFull Container Load
    Full container load

  • special goods

  • ADRDangerous Goods by Road (ADR)
    Goods that can do harm to people or the environment

Transport from and to UK

Freight services UK

Road freight

If it is urgent to get the goods home, we pick them up directly with one of our cars and drive straight to the recipient in Norway.

Sea freight

The most environmentally friendly mode of transport and extremely predictable from UK.

Air freight

If it is extra urgent, we arrange air freight for the shipment.


When there is no urgency, we can arrange environmentally friendly and affordable transport.

Services related to UK

Transit times to the UK

Export from south/central Norway to the east of UK  

  • FTL/FCL; 24 – 48 hrs,
  • LTL/Part loads; 48 hrs
  • Groupage; 72 – 96 hrs


Import from the UK to south/central Norway

  • FTL/LCL; 72 hrs
  • LTL/Part loads; 72 – 96 hrs, terminal/terminal
  • Groupage; 96 hrs


The UK has a challenging traffic situation, and orders must be booked well in advance of scheduled shipment.

General cargo

Distributed through our distribution terminal at Skedsmo. Here you will find transit times to different parts of Norway (in Norwegian)


Distribution terminals in both Norway, Sweden and Denmark, with access to distribution networks.

Transport of various types of goods to / from the UK
  • groupage

  • part loads

  • industrial waste / waste

  • tiles, wood material

  • land, agricultural products

  • bulk material

  • special goods

  • refrigerated and frozen goods

  • ADRDangerous Goods by Road (ADR)
    Goods that can do harm to people or the environment dangerous goods

  • less than full car, LTL, LCL

  • full truck or container, FTL, FCL

Additional services
  • labelling and packing

  • storage

  • automated storage and retrieval system

  • walking floor

  • custom clearance

  • logistics consultants

  • offshore and projects

  • EDIElectronic Data Interchange
    Electronic Data Interchange between computer systems, Integrations

Customs in the UK

Comprehensive customs and tax regulations and time-consuming processes often make import and export demanding. We are specialised in customs management, with good customs procedures and help you with

  • general customs clearance

  • imported goods

  • exported goods

  • custom clearance documentation

  • cash and daily settlements

  • Brexit

Groupage, 0-2500 kg, UK

Consignments shipped as groupage will be picked up and delivered by drivers with local knowledge.

Part loads, + 2500 kg, UK

Direct delivery or via terminal

Customer service

The opening hours are different in the UK than in Norway as the time difference is 1 hour behind us in the UK. Most connections have opening hours from 09.00 to 17.00 (9 am. To 5 pm.) local UK time. Our dedicated employees supporting you by phone, mail, or chat.

Traffic rules in the UK

UK (United Kingdom)
  • No traffic bans applicable

  • Motorway (6am – 7pm): 80 km or 100km

  • Motorway (7pm – 6am): 120km or 130km

  • Motorway freight:  80km

  • Left hand driving in the UK

Postal code overview for the UK

Postalcodes in UK

Holidays in the UK

  • 1st January: New Years
  • 2nd April: Good Friday
  • 5th April: Easter Monday
  • 3rd May: Early May Bank Holiday
  • 31st May: Spring Bank Holiday
  • 30th August: Summer Bank Holiday
  • 27th December: Christmas Holiday (since it falls on a weekend this year)
  • 28th December: Boxing Day

Rates for transport from and to the UK

How much does freight transport to the UK cost cost? Request a quote at ColliCare Logistics without obligation.

Bent Arild Hære

Bent Arild Hære

Director Sales