The drivers of the vehicles that carry freight for commercial purposes and whose maximum weight exceeds 3.5 tons, and the drivers of the vehicles carrying passengers for commercial purposes and whose carrying capacity exceeds 9 persons, including the driver, within any 24-hour period; They are prohibited from driving for more than 9 hours in total and 4.5 hours continuously.

These drivers have to use a 1-day week break after a maximum 6-day driving period. The weekend is at least 24 hours. In the case of international passenger transportation, except regular flights, drivers can drive for 12 days, and have to use a 2-day week break after the vehicle driving period. Total driving time within 2 weeks combined cannot exceed 90 hours.

These drivers are required to take a break of at least 45 minutes at the end of 4.5 hours of continuous driving, if they are not resting. These breaks can also be used as breaks of at least 15 minutes within 4.5 hours of continuous driving.

During these breaks, drivers cannot engage in other work. The waiting time in a moving vehicle, ferry or train and the time without the vehicle cannot be considered as another job. Breaks taken are not counted as daily rest periods.

Drivers will rest for 11 hours every 24 hours. This period can be used in two or three separate periods, one of which is at least 8 hours uninterrupted. And in this case, the daily rest period is increased to 12 hours by adding 1 more hour. The 11-hour uninterrupted daily rest period can be reduced to at least 9 hours, not more than 3 times a week. If the vehicle is used with at least two drivers, each driver will rest for at least 8 hours in every 30 hour period. The daily rest period can be spent in vehicles with beds and with a private resting place when they are built, and vehicles with sections so that the driver can sleep comfortably, vehicles can be parked outside the platform in the parking lot, in the garage or on the highways outside the residential areas, and taking the necessary precautions.

If the vehicles of these drivers are transported by ferry or train, their daily rest periods may be interrupted once. The period between the two parts of the daily rest period should be as short as possible, and may not exceed 1 hour before or after embarking on the ferry, including customs clearance. The rest period interrupted in this way is extended by 2 hours.