Highways Fees

Highway fees start at 250 TL (27Euro) one way, depending on the length of the road, it varies up to 1250 TL (135Euro).

Restrictions and Prohibitions

  1. It is forbidden to enter and exit the highway except in certain places (Bridge Junctions, toll stations, etc.) Since the wire fences or walls installed along the highway boundary line are installed to prevent such exits, it is forbidden to open, knock down, cut, or otherwise damage these barriers

  2. Pedestrians, animals, non-motorized vehicles, wheeled tractors, work machines, and cyclists are prohibited from entering the traffic areas as Access Controlled Highways

  3. The mandatory minimum speed on Access Controlled Highways (Motorways) is 40 km/hour and the maximum speed is 120 km/hour

  4. As an Access Controlled Highway, it is forbidden to stop, park, turn back and go back at the traffic areas and intersections. In case of mechanical failure of the vehicle, it can be stopped for a short time on the rightmost safety strip (Banquet)

  5. If the establishments that have a façade to the highway want to put identification plates on their buildings where they operate, they must obtain permission from the General Directorate of Highways

  6. In our highway network; The entry of dangerous goods into the motorway sections between our tunnels (Abant Junction-Kaynaşlı Junction), (Düziçi Junction-Nurdağı Junction), (Cengizhan Junction-Onur Junction), (Belevi Junction-Söke Junction) and (Eminlik Junction - Pozantı North Junction) it is forbidden

  7. Permits are given in line with some criteria for Special Load Carrying Vehicles and Chemical and Hazardous Materials that will pass through Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

  8. Which types of vehicle classes can pass from Suspension Bridges in Istanbul are indicated in the table below