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Why choose sea freight? It’s greener!

If you compare sea freight to traditional road freight between continental Europe and Norway, sea freight is definitely greener in environmental aspects. Transit times are often comparable as well – making sea freight a good choice to save both money and the environment.

ColliCare is working towards environmental sustainability and is focusing on moving goods from road to sea between Norway and the continent.

We want to make sea freight attractive for you:
  • by giving you an offer on sea freight which is comparative to today’s road/rail freight
  • by making it easier for you to choose a greener freight solution
  • together we can work towards becoming more environmentally friendly

More advantages by choosing sea freight:
  • Lower freight costs in general
  • Less MAUT/road tax
  • Reliable arrivals and departures
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Sustainability, Co2 lower reduction

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