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Rail – transport for the future!

Road transport is facing strong competition from rail. When calculating the emission, rail stands out as a clear winner. 

Trade and volumes are increasing and our roads are overcrowded. The increase in pollution is a fact. New legislations are introduced in the larger cities, and toll fees are correlated with time slots for passing through during rush hour.
In Norway one third of all greenhouse gas is related to road freight.

Despite the increasing environmental focus, consumers are not willing to pay more for the merchandise. Nor do they accept longer delivery times.

Instead the transport companies must find new ways of transport to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. ColliCare rail solution solves these issues, by offering very competitive prices, low emission and efficient logistics.

– The train goes directly from Italy to Norway, and it will have the shortest transit time on the market. For our customers, this means fast transport, low price and predictable deliveries for the customers. Ronny Normark, Development Manager ColliCare.

– We have a lot of goods suitable for rail transport. To us, price, time and flexibility is important. By choosing the ColliCare-train, our demands are met. We also would like to set a standard in the food industry regarding emission and green focus. Rail is the most environmentally friendly way of transport, and the distance between Italy and Norway is considerable. Andreas Klamroth, Purchasing and Supply Manager in Haugen-Gruppen. 

The ColliCare train;
  • 20 waggons
  • 66 pallet places in each waggon, total of 1320 pallet places.
  • 63 tons load per waggon – total weight for load is 1260 tons
  • Weekly departures from Parma Saturday morning.
  • Arrival Rolvsøy, Fredrikstad Monday evening at 18.00

A smooth rail service is fast, affordable and environmentally friendly!


Luca Giovanelli,

Managing Director,
ColliCare Italia

ColliCare have established its own office in Italy, and their focus is the rail service.

Luca Giovanelli has many years of experience from both rail- and road freight within Europe. 


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Ronny Nordmark
Country Manager Rail

Some environmental facts:

Truck versus train gave us the following advantages:
94% lower CO²-emission
82% lower energy consumption

Click and make your own calculations on EcoTransIT:

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