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Field Services and Personnel

- integrated and customised solution

Field Services and Personnel

- integrated and customised solution

Offshore operations requires skilled personnel with extensive knowledge and expertise within their field of operation. We are able to deliver specialised logistics field services for your logistics project.

Field services and manpower solution, for smaller or larger projects:

  • from one to several operators

  • total man-up in accordance with project requirements for logistic personnel, during the entire project

We provide you with on-site manpower solution, and personnel on-site can include categories such as:

  • Supercargo
  • Purchaser
  • Staff for vendor management
  • Warehousing specialist
  • Forklift operators
  • Senior logistic supervisor
  • Logistic personell
  • Drivers
  • Customs advisor

As a specialist within projects and special logistics, we are prepared to help you 24/7
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Managing Director Projects & Special

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