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InStore - save money the last part of the supply chain!

ColliCare Instore is the service that completes our strategy “delivery all the way from producer to consumer”, and has been operational for several years. Instore targets the last link in the supply chain, where the goods or service meets the retailer/consumer. The final stage in the delivery process is likely to be from the goods recipient ramp, and all the way to the desired shop display.

The InStore business model is based on:
  • Reviewing and analysing the total flow of goods
  • Optimising and simplifying the delivery of goods
  • Reduction in the total cost of goods delivery
  • Practical implementation of unpacking and delivery
  • Predictability information, and correct pricing for the whole delivery
  • Sustainability – pooling and coordination
Spend your time on what YOU do best! Let ColliCare do the rest! 


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Mattias Sturesson
Country Manager eCommerce and InStore
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Let your staff focus on selling your products and leave unpacking, pricing, clearing, mounting of stands and merchandising to us. ColliCare InStore can ensure that your items are efficiently placed in your shops, offering manpower and guidance on how to find the smartest solution for your shops.
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