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A local in the "Far East"

Doing business in the "Far East" can be demanding due to distance, time zones, cultural differences and language barriers.

ColliCare are well experienced with the "Far East" and we have employees and offices in India and China, as well as agents in Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our services:
  • Sea freight; - Deep sea standard services, with a high level of personal services and user-friendly system to follow up all your shipments and orders
  • Air freight;  - When it is urgent, by air is the fastest way of delivery
  • Storage and logistics; - Cross docking, labeling, scanning, pick and pack, consolidation, short-term storage - all in the Far East 
  • "Specialist services"; - Quality controll at production site and vendor management

We experience that the local presence of our own staff with expertice in logistics, who are familiar with the markets and speaks the local languages, makes a great benefit for our customers in the Asian markets!

Each customer has their own requirements and needs towards the Far East markets. We would like to share some of our expertise with you –and invite you to discuss "Far east opportunities" that could be useful for you.
Tejas Sharma, Managing Director ColliCare India Tejas Sharma, Managing
Director ColliCare India

During our many years in india, ColliCare has developed several "special services" for our customers, like quality control of products already at the producers factory.
Tejas Sharma is our leader in India, his local knowledge  can be essential when you are producing and importing from "Incredible India".
Eddie Wang, Managing Director ColliCare China Eddie Wang, Managing Director ColliCare China
ColliCare is located at 3 logistic hubs in China and has through 9 years achieved excellent expertise in the Chinese market.
Eddie Wang, our leader in China, highlights cross docking, groupage shipments and labeling of goods, preparing for distribution in Norway, as very popular services.


Please contact us for at chat about Far East.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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Nils Jarmyr
Sales Manager Sea
Aurora Ulvevadet
Country Manager Deep Sea
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